When was Car Towing First Done – History and Types of Tow Trucks

The tow truck is an essential vehicle and has evolved in design and efficiency over the years. Ernest Homes Sr. from Chattanooga, Tennessee, invented the first tow truck in 1916. After having a hard time trying to pull the car out of a creek with blocks, ropes, and six other men, he determined to invent a better way in towing cars. He continued to improve the design and later began to manufacture the first tow trucks commercially.

The earliest types of tow trucks are known as the hook and chain tow trucks. The tow truck has a combination of pulleys and hooks. They are set up in such a way to reduce the amount of work needed to move a vehicle. The hook and chain towing has become obsolete in modern times, as towing is now a high-tech industry developing more efficient and sophisticated tow trucks. Modern towing equipment now combines safety, design, and better towing techniques. Some examples include the flatbed, wheel lift, boom, and integrated tow trucks.

Flatbed Tow Trucks

This tow truck has a flat looking “bed” at the back of the tow truck, hence the name flatbed or rollback truck. These flatbed platforms can be hydraulically tilted and slide to ground level, allowing the vehicle to drive up onto the flatbed. There is a winch at the flatbed that can use to pull the car up. So if the automobile cannot be driven due to mechanical faults or accidents, attach the winch to the vehicle, and it can pull slowly and load onto the tow truck. Not only can flatbed tow trucks tow wrecked cars, but they are also good at towing high-valued cars. Due to the is safety and security the tow truck provides.

Wheel Lift Tow Trucks

These trucks evolved from the hook and chain towing method. The tow trucks come with a large metal yoke that can be placed under the front or rear wheels and lift them using a hydraulic hoist. The remaining pair of front or rear wheels are left on the ground when the vehicle is being towed. This equipment usually picks up the drive wheels of the vehicle and only come into contact with the tires. When towing medium or heavy-duty trucks, a variant chassis lift is employed. The chassis lift can hoist the frame or axle of the vehicle rather than the wheels.

Boom Tow Trucks

These tow trucks come with adjustable booms or winches to recover vehicles from any place that cannot be reached safely. Some trucks come with booms that are fixed, pivoting A-frames, or hydraulic-powered. The heavy types of booms can rotate, making it a mobile construction crane, hence they are sometimes called as the rotators. Boom tow trucks are very effective in towing heavy-duty vehicles.

Integrated Tow Trucks

The tow trucks have both the boom and wheel lift features combined into one vehicle. Most integrated tow trucks have controls inside the cab of the tow truck. Since the tow truck has both the boom and wheel lift towing functions, a driver can stay in the tow truck to do the towing operation using the controls, and do a quick tow. As these trucks are used to repossess or move illegally parked vehicles, so people will also call these trucks the repo trucks.


Tow trucks have come a long way, and they are invaluable to drivers on the road ever since their invention. They make car towing easier, safer, and more efficient.

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Choosing the Right Towing Company

Facing a vehicle breakdown or an inoperable vehicle will greatly affect your daily plans. Whether it is an accident or mechanical failure, you will most likely not be able to drive from the malfunction or damage. In both scenarios, you need to call a towing company for towing services, since it will be unlikely to drive the vehicle. Most often, these situations hit us suddenly, so it is important to see the issue ahead of time on the options available.

There are qualities in a company that outshines and stand out amongst others. So it is good to recognize which are the ones worth calling. However, this can prove to be a challenge. Consider the following points when choosing the right towing company.

Availability of Services

When choosing the perfect towing company, it is best to choose the one that offers 24-hour services. This is because car problems and accidents rarely occur at convenient times. If any of these roadside situations occur at night, you will need urgent assistance. Keep the companies that can arrive within a short period of time, or are able to keep to their estimated time arrivals.


Checking the reviews online is a norm these days. You can read what previous customers have experienced. Good service will usually win customer satisfaction, which is important for any business.


Before hiring any towing company, ensure the pricing and rates they are offering. Check to see if they have affordable or reasonable rates. There are instances where the pricing may differ from depending on the circumstances, so be mindful and clarify if you have doubts. All towing services providers claim to provide cheap towing rates. But one has to know the extra charges added besides the basic rate.

Insurance and Licensing

Before reaching any towing company, it is suggested to know whether this business has the requirements for operation; they include insurance, license, certification, professional membership. WreckMaster certification serves as proof of whether the towing company trained for the job. Towing is considered a service, Before settling for a tow truck company, it is prudent to ensure that you are hiring the right one.

Local Business and Area They Serve

A local business is expected to be more connected and familiar with geographic locations and important routes. Local businesses also tend to gain more rapport from local customers. However, a towing company that serves a limited area has limited assistance. It should be able to serve a radius of about within thirty miles from the location of its company or truck fleet location and to be able to cater to customers.

Versatile and Responsive

Choose a company that can provide a variety of towing services. They need to be adequately equipped and manage the roadside situation. Tow truck service is crucial, however, roadside assistance services are equally important. Services such as flat tire change, gas delivery, car battery jump start are also frequently requested services. A good service provider company is able to respond quickly within valid reason and operation capability.


There are several indicators of this. Reviews are one good indicator, another is their reputation and professional memberships the company has.

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Common Reasons to Call Towing & Roadside Assistance

If you have ever found yourself stranded on the side of the road. However, being frustrated and in panic mode will only make matters worse. It is important to stay calm and focus on the options you have.

Always be sure to move yourself to a safe location whenever possible. Then it is time to get help to deal with the circumstances you are facing. The following are reasons for calling towing and roadside assistance.

Engine Overheating

One of the negative effects of summer is car overheating. Radiators need to work overtime in the summer heat. However, they might get worked too much and be overheated. So if overheating has caused your car to stall, you probably will need towing assistance. Situations like this are often stressful and overwhelming, but with a reliable towing company, they can offer you help and relief in no time.

Car Fail to Start

There is nothing more annoying than having a car that just won’t start. This is another common situation where people may need towing. The reason behind this failure can be from minor to severe; from a dead car battery to mechanical faults. Regular car maintenance will likely prevent this from occurring. Thus it is always handy to keep a towing company contact number on a cell phone.

Car Accidents

Many will consider this as the worst scenario. Even a minor accident can leave you at the side of the road, with the need for a tow truck or roadside assistance. Encountering an accident is also distressing.

Even if the vehicle seems drivable after an accident, there could be potential damage overlooked. While it might seem to be working fine, there might be damages to the frame or axles you are unaware of. Thus it is necessary to tow the car. When the accident has left your car unable to move, you can choose flatbed towing so that your vehicle can be easily moved to an auto repair shop.

Running Out of Gas

Out of gas situations can be embarrassing and potentially dangerous. Some reason for this situation is faulty fuel gauge or leaky fuel tank. When you happen to run out of gas on a highway or unable to access nearby gas stations, you can choose to call for roadside assistance. This is advised especially when you have children or other passengers traveling. Roadside assistance providers offer gas delivery service at a rate to get you back on the road.

A Flat Tire

A tire blowout happens when the tires on the vehicle are expiring, the alignment is off or tires punctured by sharp objects like nails and glass shards. Tire maintenance, rotating your tires and replacing them can reduce the risk of a flat tire. Another prevention is to keep a spare tire, car jack, tire change tools, and warning roadside triangles in your car. Otherwise, always keep a roadside assistance provider contact in your cell phone.

Towing & Roadside Assistance

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Safety Tips for Roadside Assistance

Stop and Check

When you are driving on the road, any roadside situation may happen. Accidents might happen even to the most careful driver. Sometimes car mechanical faults may happen and will cause vehicle breakdown. Ensure all passengers are in good condition should anything happens on the road. Calm down and look out for safety. Following are some safety tips regarding roadside assistance during vehicle breakdowns.

You can sometimes notice certain warning signs before a vehicle breaks down. When you hear strange noises or find something unusual with the vehicle, it is better to pull over and check any possible mechanical faults. This can also help you prevent causing accidents. Slow down and find a safe spot to pull over. You may find some difficulty to stop on busy highways. When you are on the highway, turn on the hazard lights and slow down on the shoulder. Be sure to park your vehicle close to the side of the road as much as possible.

Get off From the Road

Many people may assume after a vehicle breakdown or an accident, they need to remain in the vehicle while waiting for a tow truck. This is exactly the case because the side of the road can be a vulnerable place and you might be rear-ended by careless drivers at high speeds. You can leave the vehicle and get off from the road. Find a roadside barrier and stand behind it for protection. If you are not able to find a safe place, then remain in the vehicle with the seat belt fastened.

Roadside Safety

When you are in a safe position, find help or roadside assistance. While many people know how to deal with minor repairs such as fixing flat tires, some issues can be difficult to deal with. You need to know if the vehicle can remain safe after doing so. Also, depending on your location, the task can be more challenging. It is not the same when changing a flat tire in home garage compared to changing it on a busy highway.

Be Ready

It is always a good idea to have your vehicle equip with safety which includes blankets, water, snacks, medical supplies, and tools. You can keep your automobile maintained by sending it for a checkup regularly. Roadside safety can be long prepared even before you start the engine, another preparation is to keep the phone number of towing and roadside service provider in your mobile. It will come in handy when you need assistance..

Trust Worthy Towing Service Provider

One of the most important tips of roadside safety is to stay visible and keep yourself away from danger. It can be annoying and frustrating to have vehicle breakdown on the side of the road. So it is essential for you to have a telephone number of a reliable towing company ready. They should be able to assist you, depending on the traffic conditions, quickly and get you moving soon.

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