Wheel Lift Towing

East Los Angeles Towing has towing services catering to a wide range of vehicles and automobiles. We provide wheel lift towing 24-hour daily.

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Features and Benefits of Wheel Lift Towing

Wheel lift tow trucks have hydraulic booms that are attached to metal yokes. The metal yokes can place below the wheels of a vehicle. Using the controls, the wheels which are cradled by the metal yokes are lifted, while the remaining pair of wheels are on the ground. One can choose to lift either the front pair of wheels or the rear pair of wheels.

Wheel lifts are advantageous when used in tight spots or small spaces. There are variations to the wheel lift tow trucks; the slide-in or the hidden. The slide-in essentially slides into the bed of the tow truck, while the hidden has the wheel lifts fixed under the tow truck. Wheel lift tow trucks generally are for tows that cover short distances. Thus they are commonly seen in cities and towns.

One of the main benefits of wheel lift towing is that it gives the driver superior control of the car being towed. This helps with safety as this form of towing is very reliable when it comes to transporting vehicles so that they do not incur any more damage.

Wide Range of Towing and Roadside Services

We recognize that vehicle breakdowns can occur anywhere, any time. When you need towing in East Los Angeles, we have what you need. We provide reliable and affordable wheel lift towing. You can be assured of our quality and fast service.

Our wide range of services also includes other towing services and roadside assistance. Different tow trucks can be called for different towing situations, we are all-rounded with our towing capabilities. Our fleet of tow trucks includes flatbed and integrated tow trucks for various towing situations.

Not forgetting to mention our roadside assistance is also 24/7, and we offer tire change, jump start, gas delivery, and lockout services.

Safety Guaranteed

There is comfort in knowing we are always available in East Los Angeles, no matter day and night. We will ensure the safety our you and your vehicle. If you are stranded on the side of the road, call us and let our professionals assist you.

Wheel Lift Towing

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